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Our Lhassa Litter News Page 
Hylan ShoTru Riverview  Lhasa  has had some very successful Litters over the years here is a follow-up of a few that produced some of our best examples of the breed today - enjoy 

Hylan Sho Tru  Hot  Stuff  
.        The                       The  new mom
           AMCH Mokema Hylan Sho Tru Hot Toddy

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 CH Hylan Shotru Full Of Pzazz

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CH Hylan-Shotru You Got a Date 
               CH Hylan Shotru Holly Go Lightly 
CThis is ther first littter born in Califiornialick here to add text.
Mark - 5 Weeks old  Males
 Jessica 10 Weeks old  Females Goldy
Beau10 Weeks old  Males Mark
 Totally bottle fed from day 3 this is BeBe    @5 Weeks old  Female
 BeBe @ 10 Weeks old  Female
 BeBe @ 15 Weeks old  Female spoiled to perfection!
 Beau 15 Weeks old  Mark
 Jessica 15 Weeks old  Goldie
Hylan ShoTru Kumi Kain Dream Beau pictured at 9 months old
New Ch. Hylan ShoTru Riverview Remarkable  Dream  finished at  at 9 months old. 
Hylan ShoTru Dream Come True - 5 point major in her first show pictured at 9 months old
  Then / Now 2010
  Our  2009 litter  -  grew up to be fine AKC Champions  - Loved companions and service dogs. 
  Then / Now 2010
Jessica - 5 Weeks old  female
Goldy- 5 Weeks old  female
C2010 American Lhasa Apso National Specialty Brood Bitch Class winner 

2015 brought us some great things.

 Dad -Josh a happy boy with good size bone and wonderful red golden coat texture - bred to our little favorite  Champion Toddy,  a  very smart active little  golden girl who was the first to finish in her soon to be all champion litter bred by Mokema Lhasa Apso and myself. 

 Their pedigree is a blend of all the finest Lhasa Apso Champions  we have bred over the years both  at home and thru our co- owners in meaning full collaborations .co owners.